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omg it’s been a year since I been on

what does it mean by Youkais are watching and Reimu is watching?

u stupid boy it means youre gonna get clapped


Hiya I gave this game a try, Love it.
Not trying to sound like a bot or a single minded person but I adore Touhou fan games and....There's a lot I can say.

I like it

Here's the game play I did

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sorry theres a glitch when i die my health is -4 and any other - numbers


well it does the same in ror2 so it might not be a glitch



it is a glitch but its easy to fix


thats because the attacks do more damage than you have left, and the variable updates to - something, because there isnt anything to set it to 0 if it goes under

hey its my old account!


WOW! I'm getting Risk of Rain + Link to the Past + Touhou vibes


Reimu is watching