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Such a nice game, and the bald kaguya just seemed so funny.

What confused me most was the axe rather than the moon metal( many a time did the axe carried away by reisen or Eirin)

Totally wonderful :)

Ah yes. My favorite way to die. AGGRESSIVE POVERTY.

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Great game ,I like to play this game

Because it's like untitled goose game. and i also love touhou

Edit: Yes i know it's not like untitled goose game. but cool game



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edit: this took me for minutes-

i need a hint i can't find that moon metal

how to find moon metal

There's a remote-shaped metal detector near the front of the house that will make sounds to help you find the moon metal


thank you for this game i am a big fan of touhou


A fun idea well-implemented.  

The graphics are pretty good ... oh yeah, I tried on linux intel hd 8gb ram backbox, intel celeron 1.60ghz a little lag ....

Pretty fun game.  The puzzles felt pretty intuitive, and I didn't feel annoyingly stuck at any time.  There were some spelling errors, but I consider that a trivial complaint.  Reimu is a cute cat.

The spelling errors were, unfortunately, the result of the game jam timing, that end screen only went in minutes before submission and we didn't notice before the deadline had past. We're intending on doing an update at some point coming up, so hopeful that you'll come back!


After 30 mins of playing...

I still can't find that Moon Metal.

And when you try to use the axe to break the boxes in the house, you know you're not supposed to do that but meh.

Anyways, it's still a really good game. (Wishes for a expansion)

But still, same with Karob below, the controls change every time the camera angle changes, making it a little bit frustrating to maneuver Reimu the cat.


Hint: Walk around with the grey object by the front door.

That particular puzzle is one of the biggest sore points we'd want to revise and make visually clearer what you're supposed to do, at the moment it relies pretty-much solely on audio to be solvable.


Oh okay then


10/10 graphics and music, fancy/10 page. But I'll have to dock a few thousand points for not having purring and meow sound effects. (But Kaguya's hair makes up for that penalty.)

Maybe the gameplay is a bit too slow for my tastes, but makes sense. Trolling the NPCs is fun.

My chief complaint is camera angle changes screwing up my perfect getaways. Maybe I'd be happier if the camera adjusted more slowly, though that might look weird.

The camera being so jerky is entirely my fault, I ended up having the camera zones move the camera instead of having the zones adjust the target camera, which rather than fixing I ended up making the camera unreasonably snappy instead. 

The camera is one of the first things to fix post jam, that and moewing.


64 bits ;-;

I've added a Win32 build, hopefully you can enjoy the game with that!

thank uuuu 


Hi I started playing this on Windows but when I go to play some of the models have textures that are missing. I don't know if it's my end or not so I thought to ask if you know if it's a bug or if there's something I can do to fix it?
Thanks a bunch in advance!

How weird, it looks like none of the textures loaded properly (Which is quite bizarre, as everything else loaded fine). 

If you're experiencing this in the downloadable version, you can access your player logs by navigating to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\\Impurrishable Night\output_log.txt (You can put this into the 'Run' window, via CMD-R) then linking/forwarding the file back to us, that'd let me determine if any errors occurred. Also Re-extract the .zip and make sure you don't run the application through the zip, as that may have unexpected results.

If this issue is showing up in the web version, ensure you're using a recent browser (Preferably Firefox or Chrome), though a few folks have reported general issues with the Unity player only to have them resolved by playing the windows download. 

Lastly, it looks like while it's a frustrating graphical issue the game should still be fully playable for you, I hope that even if we can't resolve it you can still enjoy our game!

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hahaha this is a great game for Touhou fans!~ Cute 3D model~ Love how Kaguya is sleeping...


love it 

Game wouldn't run for me, got stuck on "get potion book" message.

Hey, we added a Windows build for download now after a few other people reported some issues, hopefully that works and you can enjoy it!


It was really fun playing that in coop great game!

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