Produced for 9-Jam and Cirno Day, this is a Touhou remake of Money Puzzle/Idol Exchangers, a 1997 arcade game by Face. 

Updated to v4 (Teamplay)


  • 2-4 Player online versus mode, now with teams
  • Endless Arcade mode in four difficulties
  • 4 1/2 voiced and varied characters
  • A Tutorial


Z/X to pull / push a stack of coins to your character

Left/Right Arrow keys to position your character under your desired column

Double tap down to add additional rows to your side, to avoid running out of steam.


Combine even-numbered coins in groups of five, and odd numbered coins in groups of two, exchanging them for higher value coins, all without your board spilling over! By forming combos, you can send rows to the opponents side, either by cascading into combos or by quickly making matches during the combo animation.

Matching blue powerups upgrade the coin type above them to the next highest coin type, red powerups erase all the coins of the matching type.


Combined coins appear in the lowest, rightmost spot in the combo.

Overmatching additional coins in a combo doesn't increase the produced coin, shortchange your opponents to keep your board clear.

You can hold any number of the same coin at once, so pulling every coin you can of that type before throwing it back helps you group unfinished combos.

Matching odd coins is quite fast since it only requires two, try to open chains with even coins then extend them by quickly pairing odd coins.

Matching powerups horizontally doubles the effectiveness since you they will effect both kinds of coins. In general, try to activate powerups on even numbered coins.

Rows you pull are easier to solve than rows your opponent sends to you, and rows your opponent sends never contain powerups. Pull a bunch of rows before using your red powerup for best results.


Jose "LadyEbony" Garcia (Gameplay/UI/Netplay)

David "Texel" Jones (Gameplay/Design/Network)

Peacock Roy (Music)

Egophiliac (Art, Animation)

Voices © UTJ/UCL

LittleRobotSoundFactory ( (Menu Sounds)


v0.4 - January 1st, 2020
  • Added team mode to Online. Play 2v2, or 1v3 if you are daring
  • Fixed ties occasionally causing problems
  • Even smoother, silkier netcode with less jank
v0.3 - October 9th 2019
  • New rows have an animation instead of appearing instantly
  • Powerup frequency has been reduced to more reasonable levels
  • Combo timing has been tightened, you cannot extend combo windows by juggling
  • Rematch window now has a time out


  • Fixed bug where coins would get stuck in combo animation
  • Fixed several cases where online matches could get stuck
  • Corrected combo text draw order for online matches
  • Players leaving online matches shouldn't softlock other players hopefully
  • Three or more player online matches will no longer apply too many trash coins
  • Stop displaying incoming trash once you've lost, you're already dead.
v0.2 - September 22nd 2019
  • Added a tutorial explaining the games core mechanics
  • Menus now have prompts explaining the controls
  • Gamepad support, including in browser
  • Fullscreen support (Finally you can see our crisp art)
  • Improved resolution support, Windows now asks resolution
  • Blue "Raiser" powerups can now start combos
  • Fixed AI occasionally getting stuck between two good placements
  • Slowed down the rate of passive row additions, games should feel less frantic
  • Rows now increment one at a time, instead of all at once
  • Fixed several broken states from players disconnecting
  • Added more sounds for countdowns/menus
  • Win/Loss voicelines playing on-top of eachother have been resolved
  • Trash rows can now be placed while coins are in motion, no more cheating by spam shuffling coins
v0.1 Release
StatusIn development
Release date Sep 09, 2019
AuthorsNitori, Peacock Roy, LadyEbony
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, combos, Multiplayer, Remake, Touhou, Versus
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


Download 27 MB

Development log


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Fun! The character animations are brilliant. The powerups feel like a punishment because I usually can't find a match.

Whoa, this one's pretty fun! I would probably never play it online though. Difficult though!!

I love it when the rush kicks in every time about 5-10 seconds before I inevitably lose. Cutely polished game! (Polishedly cute?)

(1 edit) (+1)

whoa, an incredible clone of the old-neo geo game money puzzle exchanger. everything is super polished and it feels complete. this is it, folks