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Marisa has borrowed the Scarlet Devil Mansion on her quest to serve up some romance to the residents of Gensokyo! Either by yourself or with an online friend, alternate between customer service and overcooked-style food management while trying to serve as many couples as possible- but be careful, nobody likes slow service, even during rush hour.

Gameplay is separated into three minute levels where one player takes the roll as bartender or waitstaff, or for single player, by switching roles.


As a server, your job is to make sure your customers get their tables, food, and tables bused without holding up the whole operation. Greet customers with E, lead them to a table, take their orders and drop them off for the Bartender to fill. Excellent service is rewarded with tips, so working fast to keep customers hearts filled is key - wait too long, and the couple will give up and leave without paying.

As a bartender, your job is to fill the orders as they come in. Each of your operations take a certain amount of time and you only have so much space, so focusing on order cards and pre-preparing ingredients is the key for customer satisfaction. 

Controls (Play the tutorial!!)

WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Pick up or drop objects with E

Interact with customers with E, from moving them to tables to taking or giving orders

Certain stations, such as the cutting board and sink, are also operated with F

Held objects can be thrown with F, allowing you to serve customers from afar.

For singleplayer, use Tab to switch between the waitstaff and the bartender.


Created in 14 days for Touhou Pride Jam 2

Jose Garcia - Concept, Design, Networking, Basically Everything

Teresa "Texel" Jones - Design, Code, Networking, Modeling

Egophiliac (Egophiliac.tumblr.com) - Character Modeling / Texturing / 2D Art
Raz - Additional Modeling

Music licensed via AudioNetwork - Sneaks and Ladders by Mike Westergaard and Miles Bould

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorsNitori, LadyEbony
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Maya
TagsCasual, Food, Multiplayer, Romance, Touhou
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


SDMHKWin.zip 50 MB


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My heart misses a beat each time some couple decides to leave and the prepared food turns into a dirty plate😂

Hello. Congratulations for the game. I downloaded the game, however, the resolution is too big and it's not in fullscreen. How do I change it? Sorry for my bad english, this is google translate

All I gotta say is, Koakuma will be very tired. VERY tired.

-Game reviewer

I love this game, it's wonderful, amazing, and TOUHOU-

(1 edit)

This is such a great game.

And now i know how to do it.

GG! nice


Pretty good game. This game is actually like Overcooked.

(2 edits)

When you gonna upload BBRMS, The huge school?


It felt very well or tightly balanced. The actual control keys were awkward for me, but player movement and interaction was pleasant. Juice flying out of the blender made my day. XD

Thank you so much for making this game. The characters are really cute and I (and a friend) enjoyed playing it a lot!

It's a little bit of a shame multiplayer doesn't work sometimes, but still thank you for all your efforts in making this cute game. <3

(I like how the same characters can date themselves lmao)

I’ve never actually played Overcooked before, but I think I will now!

The level design and varied layouts is clever and well-thought out and I appreciate how the game encourages you to learn despite the mistakes.

Gremlin-Marisa’s introduction was brief, but I’ll remember her forever