Luminous Strike v0.11 Update

Luminous Strike's original version was actually exceedingly complete, so only a few tweaks have been made. Networking has not been broken with the update.

First, most of the feedback was that the AI was too difficult, so the difficulty levels have been reduced dramatically, an easier easy mode has been introduced and the old difficulties have been relabeled as one level higher.

Secondly, some of the advice we had was to show the ghost piece you are about to drop, which has now also been added, hopefully avoiding any issues aligning your pieces.

A full-screen button has been added next to the mute buttons

Network updates are now sent as combos spread, making them appear a little less abruptly during netplay (purely visual change)

And finally, just for fun, if you leave the main menu up without pressing any keys it will go into a demo-play mode where the AI will battle itself for dominance.

Thank you again for playing Luminous Strike.


LuminousStrikeWIN(v0.11).zip 37 MB
Aug 25, 2020

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