Touhou: Luminous Strike is a fast-paced puzzle fighter in the vein of Super Puzzle Fighter and Puyo-Puyo featuring netplay.

Developed in 72(of 74) Hours for Touhou Station Jam

Please play the Tutorial via "Help" for an understanding of the Gameplay/Controls.


Online multiplayer puzzle battling

Single-Player arcade puzzle battling

Exciting(?) Tutorial

A Touhou who is a chicken.


Programming, Networking, Menus  - Jose Garcia

Programming, Gameplay, SFX, AI - Teresa "Texel" Jones

2D Art - Egophiliac (

Music - Rae Jesus Mouseling, @RJMouseling

Translation - Translators Oborochi and Draco Gideon on our Touhou Game Dev Discord channel

Touhou is owned by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice), this is a fanwork made under his generously permissive licenses.


LuminousStrikeWIN(v0.11).zip 37 MB

Development log


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maybe it's because i have a major skill issue but the game is just not fun for me

bots are immeasurably difficult--there is no shot that anyone has ever won against lunatic difficulty without playing the game for like 50 hours. the locked tile mechanic is annoying because the move count is frustratingly high and they drop at the top, making it just a mad dash to see who can drop locked tiles first. combos are nigh impossible to see because you can only see one of your upcoming pieces and you need perfect rng. just overall unfun imo

this is the most unfair and difficult game I've ever played, easy is super easy and normal is simply impossible, the game literally does everything to make you lose and make the bot win. awful


its so hard but fun at the same time


super cute graphics and super fun to play with an online friend! took me a little bit to figure out how the game works but once i understood it, the game was lots of fun! super easy connecting online and had no troubles!

super puzzle fighter is one of my favorite games, so this is amazing!

Great work, I like this mix of Super Puzzle Fighter,
The sprite work is adorable and plays well

I gave it a test drive 

After playing games like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and Crystal Crisis online this could be something my friend and I try as an online battle.

Great work


is this puyopuyo

sadly no ;-;

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