Touhou: Luminous Strike is a fast-paced puzzle fighter in the vein of Super Puzzle Fighter and Puyo-Puyo featuring netplay.

Developed in 72(of 74) Hours for Touhou Station Jam

Please play the Tutorial via "Help" for an understanding of the Gameplay/Controls.


Online multiplayer puzzle battling

Single-Player arcade puzzle battling

Exciting(?) Tutorial

A Touhou who is a chicken.


Programming, Networking, Menus  - Jose Garcia

Programming, Gameplay, SFX, AI - David "Texel" Jones

2D Art - Egophiliac (

Music - Rae Jesus Mouseling, @RJMouseling

Translation - Translators Oborochi and Draco Gideon on our Touhou Game Dev Discord channel

Touhou is owned by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice), this is a fanwork made under his generously permissive licenses.


LuminousStrikeWIN(v0.11).zip 37 MB

Development log


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Great work, I like this mix of Super Puzzle Fighter,
The sprite work is adorable and plays well

I gave it a test drive 

After playing games like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and Crystal Crisis online this could be something my friend and I try as an online battle.

Great work

is this puyopuyo

sadly no ;-;

Deleted 19 days ago