You can get the Windows executable in the Download section below. 

Created for Touhou Station Jam 2

Utsuru is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of Reimu, and the other four players play as Youkai, trying to escape Reimu and avoid being caught and defeated.


Utsuru also has a recently added singleplayer mode where Reimu must try to eliminate all Youkai before she is caught. If the Youkai happen to find Reimu first, then I hope she can escape...


WADS to move「動く」
Space to vault「乗り越える」

Left click to attack「攻撃」
Right click to pick up and use items「アイテムを拾って使う」
Shift to sprint「走る」

Online - Youkai「オンライン妖怪」
Left click to interact「調べる」
Right click to pick up and place items「アイテムを拾って仕掛ける」
Shift to sprint「走る」

Online - Reimu「オンライン霊夢」
Left click to attack, hold for a lunging attack「攻撃」
Right click to activate abilities「能力を発動する」


Touhou owned by Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN) - Gameplay, Network, Map Design - 3D Models, 3D Animation - Shaders, Lighting
@Schmagons (Instagram) - 2D Sprites, 2D Animations, UI Art
@KangaerunaMiyo (Twitter) - Translations - Music, SFX
YeeHaw - UI and Perk Art

Font Yuzu-Pen M by Kagurazaka Yuzu


Inkfection - Jam Version (OLD) 45 MB
Download 49 MB

Development log


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Do you have a Discord or something where I can find Players to play with? As someone with little & almost no friends it's really difficult to find people to play with.

Not strictly for our game, no, but if you are looking for people or similar works, we developed this game as part of the Touhou Game Dev community ( )


what is the soundtrack?

It's really good! It's really fun to play with friends. tbh we want something more from this game!

this is really awesome

(1 edit)

Pretty fun. I love the style of the game. I'd love to see more of the concept art. 

It would be nice if there was a control option that didn't need a mouse to aim, and I think maybe a limited run function to let Reimu get away from the enemies would make the game a little less frustrating.

really good!

This game is fun, the online is kind of unbalanced, but it's nice, love the art and the music, good luck!